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Therapists: About Me
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Alyssa Hartman, LPC, NCC

I specialize in organization, leadership, and have an eclectic approach. I use modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Existential Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and other interventions that are evidence-based methods to aid in organization and the development of wise solutions to life’s taxing unanswered questions. I am here to help you navigate the rough waters to discover what you need to be your best self. I love working with individuals and families who are looking to redefine work-life balance, overcome anxieties, face their fears, and get the life they so desperately have been looking for. I enjoy working with all ages, backgrounds, and cultures.

“Just because we know better, doesn’t always mean we have the tools to be better.”~ Alyssa Hartman


Dyverynce Vaughan, LPC, Certified EMDR Therapist

I am certified in EMDR and Trauma Focused-CBT. Over the last thirteen years, I have worked in the field with individuals and families who have overcome extreme trauma such as physical abuse, sexual molestation, attempted murder, domestic violence, surviving war, etc. I use modalities such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Trauma Focused CBT, Gestalt Therapy, and other trauma focused interventions that produce life changing results. Throughout my career, I’ve seen incredible people overcome extreme situations and impossible circumstances. As well as counseling, I enjoy expressing myself through creative outlets such as dance, photography, and of course fashion!

"You can't have what you are not willing to say. You can't keep what you didn't prepare for." ~ Dyverynce Vaughan


Nikita Crissinger, Resident in Counseling, MS  

My job is to help unleash the power you possess to put out the fires you’re facing. Over the past five years I have worked with individuals and families through the challenge’s life may bring. I am certified in Strengthening Families and Positive Discipline. My training and experience provides me with the skills to assist with developing coping skills, processing past trauma, managing mental health diagnosis, strengthening family bonds, and developing strategies when faced with tough obstacles. I will utilize my skills to assist you with finding happiness in life while managing the obstacles life may bring.

"One of the hardest most boring things I've tried in life was being normal."~Nikita Crissinger

Therapists: About Me

Courtney Setzer, Office Administrator

I am committed to guiding you towards the help you need. My passion for helping others inspired me to obtain my Bachelor of Science in human services, with a minor in psychology. Since then, I’ve embraced the opportunity to make a difference in the community, whether it’s through local volunteer work or helping someone find services. I consider myself to be both a mental health and animal advocate, with specific interest in the effect animals have on our emotional well-being. I have an outgoing nature and strive to spread kindness wherever I go. I also enjoy delving into my creative side, writing fiction stories in my free time.

“You can’t pick winners from players who haven’t been dealt the same cards as you.

They’re playing a different game.” ~ Courtney Setzer

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