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Feeling Moody Counseling

Online Services

Never have to walk into an office to receive great services. Enjoy our online therapy services from the comfort of your home or wherever you see fit. Our online counseling services are currently available to any individual or family that live in the state of Virginia. 


Location of Services

We currently offer face to face services in the Virginia Beach area. Please schedule a free consultation to setup services. 

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Trauma Counseling

Are you a survivor of a life altering event or transition? Trauma Focused Therapy can help you regain control and feel empowered. Modalities used during this process include Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and other trauma focused interventions that produce life changing results. It’s time to feel empowered and conqueror life’s challenges!

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Anxiety and Depression Counseling

Are you experiencing a loss in motivation or hope? Are you fearful of the future or find yourself overthinking about what might happen? These are common symptoms of depression and anxiety. This service is designed to help you find and challenge negative beliefs and cognitive distortions that leads to feelings of defeat and fear. Regain control of your life by first regaining your thoughts!

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Supervision for Licensure

Licensure supervision is provided for those seeking to become a licensed professional counselor in the state of Virginia. For more details make an appointment for a free consultation. 

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Parenting Techniques

Being a parent takes time, patience, and discipline. Each child is unique and parenting techniques should match each child’s unique personality. By using modalities such as positive discipline, learn how to balance kindliness and firmness in your parenting style while building your child’s self-esteem and your confidence.

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Adolescents and Young Adults

This year has never been more difficult to be a young person. With new advances such as social media and technology, new challenges such as cyber bullying and privacy breeches are also a problem. There are no assumed safe places as educational institutions have been struck by tragedy. Young people endure this while still developing a sense of identity and establishing intimate relationships. This service is developed to support adolescents and young adults in the process of development to help them establish a sense of identity and healthy relationship by discovering purpose and building emotional intelligence.