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For Comfort in Every Moment, Season, and Feeling


The Vision

Build Awareness, Build People, Build a Nation 


The Mission 

Moody strives to build community awareness on mental health issues through self-expression, counseling, and fashion. By creating clothing with bold statements and offering counseling services, we’re helping to create a world that understands and empathizes with those affected by mental conditions. Whether you’re a person who lives with the extremes of the human experience or supporting the cause, it’s our hope that individuals feel liberated to discuss their emotions by getting the conversation started and ultimately ending the stigma. 

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About Me

Dyverynce Vaughan, LPC


I am a Virginia State Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) certified in Trauma Focused-CBT and a CSOTP Resident. Over the last thirteen years, I have worked in the field with individuals and families who have overcome extreme trauma such as physical abuse, sexual molestation, attempted murder, domestic violence, surviving war, etc. I use modalities such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Trauma Focused CBT, Gestalt Therapy, and other trauma focused interventions that produce life changing results. Throughout my career, I’ve seen incredible people overcome extreme situations and impossible circumstances. As well as counseling, I enjoy expressing myself through creative outlets such as dance, photography, and of course fashion!   


Moody Counseling

Have you experienced a life changing event? Are you having trouble making a life transition and feel like no one understands you? Life can be difficult especially when tragedy occurs. No worries! There is hope! At Moody, we believe in people and their inner power. For those who feel powerless, it’s our job to give you a voice and help you find that power to conquer life’s greatest challenges.


Moody Clothing

Normalize your feelings by wearing them on your sleeve! 


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